Advanced Pain Specialists of Southern California


Advanced Pain Specialists of Southern California (APSSC) is your connection to the pain-free life you desire and deserve. Our accomplished team of physicians and specialists are devoted to providing you the highest quality medical care treatments to combat your chronic pain and enhance your life.

We are devoted to providing only the safest and most appropriate care for our patients. We utilize nationally recognized scientific guidelines such as Official Disability Guidelines (ODG), and American Society of Interventional Pain Physician Guidelines (ASIPP) in our treatment plans. We have capability for in-office (non-facility) procedures that require fluoroscopically guided treatments.

Our practice is primarily outpatient based with staff privileges maintained at several medical centers near our satellite offices. Patients are referred from a variety of specialists, including chiropractic, primary care, orthopedic and neurological services. Fast appointment scheduling is available. We accept most private insurance plans, Medicare, Worker’s Compensation, and many IPAs. Please check with your insurance carrier for specific coverage.